Before we start the story about our formula, there is something I'd like to share about the food supplement industry. In contrary to our aggressive and rebel-like branding, we did not make our capsules without thinking. There has been an insane amount of research in our formula and where we source our materials from. Everyone and their dog is starting a food supplement brand the last years, while having absolutely no knowledge about food safety, ingredients, or testing.

Manufacturing a product with the potency to actually back up the benefits they're claiming to have, is difficult and expensive. Many cut corners where they can, or they don't even realize that they're doing it. The average food supplement brand manufactures their capsule for less than 0,01cts. They can do that by skipping quality checks, lab tests, and loading up their capsules with Chinese ingredients and fillers. Our capsules are 0,0786cts a piece.

Which IS expensive. But we rather have you buy multiple times than just once because you didn't feel any benefit of our products. Not all food supplements are created equal.

"Now let's get back to the story"

Hangovers have been a known phenomena for hundreds of years. If you look at ancient history, mostly herbs and vitamins/minerals were used to alleviate hangover symptoms. 

  • In the ancient Roman Empire they drank a lot, they used asparagus extract to alleviate hangover symptoms.
  • In ancient Chinese culture, ginger, licorice root and ginseng were used to fight hangover symptoms.
  • In Korea, kimchi (fermented vegetables) and in Russia, kvass (a fermented beverage) were traditionally consumed alongside alcohol to mitigate hangover symptoms.
  • Ancient Egyptians reportedly consumed a mixture of milk and honey to help soothe the stomach and alleviate hangover symptoms.
  • In Greece, they drank vinegar mixed with water and salt.
  • In Japan, they use algae for their fucoidan and prebiotic capabilities to fight hangover symptoms. 


The use of milk thistle for liver health dates back thousands of years, with historical references found in ancient texts from civilizations such as Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. It was believed that milk thistle could support liver function and protect the liver from damage caused by toxins, including alcohol.

It has been used in so many ancient civilizations, and has scientifically proven liver protective abilities, which is why this is the first ingredient that's included in our formula. The active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin and 400mg is needed to reach liver supporting effects. The quality of the milk thistle has a huge influence on the amount of silymarin in it. Our milk thistle contains 80% silymarin, industry average is 65%. We don't want to just fill our capsules with bullshit. We do it with active ingredients.

Research shows that adding more than 400 mg silymarin does not show any extra benefits. Which is why we choose for the 400mg sylimarin divided over 2 pills.


Ascophyllum Nodosum

Our second ingredient is Ascophyllum Nodosum, based on Japanese culture, we started researching this after talking to a famous Slovenian microbiologist.

And we dove deep. Ascophyllum Nodosum(after this called AN) seemed to have an insane amount of health benefits to mice in vitro studies. But the bio-availability (the % of the benefits that are actually usable) was very low in humans. Because humans were not able to access all of the nutrients in the algae. We've found a way to extract the nutrients while keeping the core of the algae intact and also micronized it so the algae is able to cover a bigger surface with polysaccharides. The algae works as a prebiotic which improves gastro-intestinal function. Do you know where alcohol does the most damage? In the intestines where it kills your good bacteria and wrecking havoc on the way you're feeling later that day. This is why we included our special algae.

Acerola Berries

Our third ingredient is Acerola Berry. These are part of the Malpighia family and as the name says, they're berries. The berries are from the Carribean originally but are cultivated in South America nowadays. Acerola berries are THE NUMBER ONE source of natural vitamin C. Depending on where they're growing and how they're harvested, they can contain from 10 to 50% vitamin C in total content. The companies that make natural powders of these berries usually don't do any testing on their products. This is done later in the process. We test the batches we buy, and we only use the powders that have 50% vitamin C in them. It is more expensive that way, but at least we know what our end product contains. 

So after we combine these 3 ingredients in our capsules according to our own formula, we test them again for purity, mold, shell-fish, diseases, humidity, heavy metals, contamination, radiation, iodine and anaerobic plate count(amount of microorganisms in the product). If everything falls into the values of our quality systems and the EFSA, we start to pack them into our well known duo packs and soon our blister packs. After that, it gets stored in our secured facility according to our food safety system. With low moisture, temperature control and no other products.